Do You PHP はてブロ

Do You PHPはてなからはてブロに移動しました



Fixed bugs

Fixed for strange jump positions in path analysis.
Fixed issues with code coverage crashing on parse errors.
Fixed code code coverage by overriding more opcodes.
Fixed issues with Xdebug stalling/crashing when detaching from remote debugging.
Fixed crash on Vista where memory was freed with routines from a different standard-C library than it was allocated with. (Patch by Eric Promislow ).
Link against the correct CRT library. (Patch by Eric Promislow ).
Sort the symbol elements according to name. (Patch by Eric Promislow ).
Fixed support for mapped-drive UNC paths for Windows. (Patch by Eric Promislow ).
Fixed a segfault in interactive mode while including a file.
Fixed a crash in super global dumping in case somebody was strange enough to reassign them to a value type other than an Array.
Simplify version checking for libtool. (Patch by PGNet ).
Fixed display of unused returned variables from functions in PHP 5.3.
Include config.w32 in the packages as well.
Fixed .dsp for building with PHP 4.

Added features

Support debugging into phars.
Basic PHP 5.3 support.