Do You PHP はてブロ

Do You PHPはてなからはてブロに移動しました


一瞬、Reflection APIと思いましたが、画像のリフレクションでした :-)

Easy Reflections is a single PHP 4 script that creates reflections from any given GIF, JPEG or PNG image. When I say 'reflection' I mean in the Apple style as seen in the likes of iTunes, and now spreading across the web faster than a coyote on an ACME rocket. Why would you want to do this? because as they're saying 'reflections are the new drop-shadows'.


<body style="background: black">
<img src="php-med-trans.png"><br>
<img src="reflect.php?img=php-med-trans.png&height=80%&bgc=000&fade=10&alpha=100">



何に使えるかは。。。絵心のある方、お願いします ;-)