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after recent discussions (over the last three months)I finally made up my
mind over E_STRICT, deprecation warnings and OOP messages/rules. My idea
proposal is to do the following:

  • Add a new severity E_DEPRECATED



I've been reading people's replies to Marcus' RFC in regard to E_DEPRECATED and it seems that some people have expressed the want to delay 5.2 until mucking around with error handling is done one way or another. My simple answer to this is no.
In my opinion we need to make a release, continue considering Marcus' RFC, develop a patch and push it to our real development tree PHP 6.0. If it proves to be solid and does not break (m)any
applications it would be the first candidate to back-port to 5 series once 5.3 is under consideration.


PHP 5.2.0 is not the last 5.X release