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PEAR::CodeGen_PECL 1.0.1リリース


Changes since 1.0.0:

  • now using codegen helper object for indent and code blocks
  • updated the DTD
  • added DOCTYPE specs to all examples
  • package.xml 1.0 OS dependencies generation fixed
  • some config.m4 generation stuff ended up in CodeGen, now moved back
  • added config.m4 checks for header files
  • added new interface CodeGen_PECL_Element_ObjectInterface for methods that can take both Classes and Interfaces as argument
  • fixed typo in class payload constructor code generation
  • allow :: in names when using C++ only
  • use PHP_MALIAS instead of PHP_FALIAS for methods
  • improved attribute checking in XML parser
  • pear channel support
  • pkg-config support in --with options
  • started support for arg_info and pass/return by reference (work in progress)