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Gmail Manager0.6.4.1で認証エラーが出る件

なんだかGoogleに振り回されてる感があるGmail Managerですが、今月初め頃から(かな?)Fx6.0.2+Gmail Manager0.6.4.1で認証エラーが出るようになりました。
LiveHTTPHeasersを見た限り、認証URLが変わった感じがしていたのですが、Gmail Managerのサポートフォーラムに情報がありました。

To see more info in the Error Console, you need to visit about:config and change longfocus.gmanager.debug to true. After restarting the browser, you will see all the debugging information.

On my Win 7 machine at work, it was successfully getting the auth cookies at However, on my Snow Leopard machine at home, it was getting a cookie to go to instead. The code will check the current URL for "ServiceLoginAuth" and say oh, wrong password.

The solution:

Go to your Firefox profile directory
Go to the extensions directory
Gmail Manager is {582195F5-92E7-40a0-A127-DB71295901D7}
(if it is an xpi, then you need to copy it, rename to zip, unpack, do the following changes, rezip, rename; if it is a directory, you can just do the changes directly)
Edit install.rdf to make it 6.0.* instead of 4.0.* (I guess Firefox only checks this during installation or if you change something in the extension)
Edit components/gmServiceGmail.js and change to
Restart Firefox, and it works for me on both my Snow Leopard and Win Vista machines.