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The second release candidate of 5.3.1 was just released for testing and can be downloaded here:
MD5 (php-5.3.1RC2.tar.bz2) = b349330da5c1f7f7a22a7a7914817623
php-5.3.1RC2.tar.gz (2009-10-20 13:19 -0700)
MD5 (php-5.3.1RC2.tar.gz) = 2f358ebcae15f17b662d0f6ea6f8bbf4

The windows binaries are available at:

This is is the first bug-fix release, after the .0 fixing quite many issues, deayed for all the different reasons hope this speeds up now. Depending on feedback the next RC or a stable release will be out ca. two weeks from now. To make this possible, please test this RC against your code base and report any problems that you encounter.