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PHP 5.3 Suggested Feature List


Its been about a week since RFS for features to go into 5.3 has gone out and while there was not a "flood" of ideas there is a substantial list of key changes people would like to go into this release. I've compiled a list of all of the suggestions I've received, they are listed below in a form that will hopefully make it easy for people to vote their yeys and nays. My hope that we can reach an agreement within 1-2 weeks so 5.3 can be branched and work on it can begin.


  1. Backport the namespaces patch for PHP 6
  2. Symlink the intl extension from PECL, but leave it disabled by default as is the case with all extensions dependent on external libs
  3. Apply the Late Static Binding Patch
  4. Implement David's Circular Garbage collection patch
  5. Implement Sqlite3 support via the ext/sqlite extension (patch is already available)
  6. Remove safe_mode, register_globals and magic_quotes
  7. Introduce mysqlind library into core and use it as a backend for PDO and mysqli extensions (possibly enabling them by default)
  8. OpenID enabling patch for OpenSSL and PHP 5
  9. Add array_replace[_recursive] functions (patch is already available)
  10. Split off deprecation from E_STRICT into E_DEPRECATED
  11. Merge the zend_arg_info const'ify patch
  12. Merge the GCC 4 -fvisibility patch
  13. Switch for disabling/enabling materialized cursors in mysqli
  14. Link phar extension from PECL into core (possibly enabling it by default)
  15. Merge Matt's ZEND_SIGNED_MULTIPLY_LONG() optimization patch
  16. Introduce new php.ini files parser/scanner + CGI/FastCGI? "htaccess" style ini file support
  17. Merge __callStatic patch from PHP 6
  18. Introduce concept of "strict classes" that do not permit dynamic property creation

オブジェクト指向関連では、__callStaticとstrict classesのサポートですか。ん?__callStaticって、もうPHP6に入ってるんだ。