Do You PHP はてブロ

Do You PHPはてなからはてブロに移動しました



Warning: include_once(): Failed opening 'eclipse.php' for inclusion ...


Fatal error: Class 'GroupTest' not found in /tmp/Simpletest50241.php on line 1

って何だよ〜!ということで、放置プレー X-(
普段PHPを書くときは秀丸/vi系で充分なのでEclipseは使ってませんが、この辺がJava並みに(オープンソース/フリーウェアで)揃ってくるともっと良いんだろうけどなぁ。今後に期待って事で ;-)

Release Name: simpletest_1.0.1beta.eclipse_0.2.0

Installation instructions can be found at:

If you already have the Simpletest plugin installed, you can update it through our update site by selecting 'Help > Software Updates > Find and Install... > Search for updates of currently installed features' and following the prompts. If no updates are found, please navigate to Window > Preferences > Install/Update > Valid Updates and turn on 'compatible', not 'equivalent'. That will allow the newest version of the plugin to be found.