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PHPUnit3.1向けAJAXベースなTest Runnerの協力者募集中

だそうです。我こそは!という方は是非! :-)

There seems to be demand for a browser-based test runner for PHPUnit, so I added it to the roadmap for PHPUnit 3.1.

It would be great if the frontend for the browser-based test runner would make use of AJAX. Since I am clueless when it comes to both web design in general and AJAX in particular, I would appreciate if someone else could help me with implementing this test runner. I basically need the XHTML and CSS as well as the JavaScript that displays the initial page. Then the JavaScript needs to request a file from the server that initiates the test execution and reads test progress information in JSON format from it.

If you are interested in working on this, please get in contact with me on either the development mailinglist or the #PHPUnit IRC channel on Freenode.