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Do You PHPはてなからはてブロに移動しました


あまりにDBベッタリ依存な機能のようなので、PDOドライバでは提供されないんだろうなぁ。。。多分。。。PDO推進派としては残念 :-(

Today at the "PHP/Oracle Experience: Building for Scalability"
talk at Oracle Develop, Luxi Chidambaran announced a new Oracle
Database 11g feature: Database Resident Connection Pooling.
This feature allows multiple middle tiers to share the same
connection pool and provides improved scalability for Oracle
customers. The new feature will be available through Oracle's
Call Interface API (OCI).
I have asked Luxi to write up the technical details from his presentation. Stay tuned. We are looking for input from OCI8 users about the potential changes. The current plan is to add one new php.ini parameter and make oci_close() release persistent connection resources for reuse in the pool.