Do You PHP はてブロ

Do You PHPはてなからはてブロに移動しました




- fixed these bugs reported at sourceforge
[ 1544977 ] Command line arguments split by spaces (fix included)
[ 1545927 ] HTMLSmartyConverter logo not in package
[ 1573807 ] CHM Convertor does not strip full path for all TOC entries
[ 1575145 ] '-q on' quiet mode not fully quiet
[ 1581487 ] subdirectory include another subdirectory doc error.
- fixed these bugs reported in PEAR:
Bug #8520: Broken XML when XML_Beautifier is installed
Bug #8533: require() broken in a lot of places - cannot run!
Bug #8539: Parser error in create_examples.php Bug 8746: XML:DocBook generates warning with function/parameters without @param tag
Bug #8773: PDF Convertor fails due to being unable to find fonts
Bug #8914: returning non varibale reference
The peardoc2 converter no longer uses funky PHP source highlighting, leaving