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oci8 1.2.2リリース


  • Reimplemented oci_lob_read() utilities using patch from Massimo Squillace (msquillace at sogei dot it), which should fix Unicode LOB problems.
  • Fixed bug #38161 (oci_bind_by_name() returns garbage when Oracle didn't set the variable)
  • Fixed bug #38173 (Freeing nested cursors causes OCI8 to segfault)
  • Fixed bug #37886 (oci_connect may crash when charset parameter is given)
  • Fixed bug #37931 (possible crash after database restart when using persistent connections)
  • Fixed bug #37531 (oci8 persistent connection corruption)
  • Fixed bug #37487 (oci_fetch_array() array-type should always default to OCI_BOTH)
  • Fixed bug #37392 (Unnecessary call to OCITransRollback() at the end of request)
  • Fixed bug #35973 (Error ORA-24806 occurs when trying to fetch a NCLOB field)
  • Fixed bug #34005 (oci_password_change() fails). Patch by pholdaway at technocom-wireless dot com.
  • Fixed PECL bug #8112 (Persistent connections misbehave when Apache process times out)


Fixed bug #37487 (oci_fetch_array() array-type should always default to OCI_BOTH)