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The third release candidate of 5.3.1 was just released for testing and can be downloaded here:
MD5 (php-5.3.1RC3.tar.bz2) = 9747f89ed9962e1f9c4d1c5ed3f8757f
MD5 (php-5.3.1RC3.tar.gz) = 1b9035f75f652dcb9a6dcbcb8b7b0dda

The windows binaries are available at:

This is is the first bug-fix release, after the .0 fixing quite many issues, as the previous RC contained a few crashing bugs this additional RRC is needed. Depending on feedback I hope to be able to roll the final using the same code base either Thursday next week or the week after. To make this possible, please test this RC against your code base and report any problems that you encounter.