Do You PHP はてブロ

Do You PHPはてなからはてブロに移動しました



1) no installation necessary. It runs out of the box as a .phar. No go-pear.phar needed
2) most packages can be used without installation, and even upgraded later by Pyrus (try then buy scenario)
3) Pyrus is much more development/production-oriented, and will have a “deploy” command for managing deployment of development code to a production server
4) Pyrus is much smaller than PEAR, and consumes far less memory
5) out-of-the-box supported packaging formats include .tar, .tgz, .tbz, .zip, and .phar
6) PHP 5.3+-based code means it fully utilizes cutting edge PHP features such as SPL iterators, XMLReader/XMLWriter, ZIP extension, phar extension (if enabled), exceptions
7) full application support is available with the new www and cfg (configuration file) roles